A Better Deal for North Carolina.


Fully funded public education, affordable and accessible health care, better jobs and living wages, vocational training and programs, broadband in rural areas and improving infrastructure, incentivizing industries for the working class to thrive again
in the heart of Appalachia.


Family, Working Class values

Appalachian culture is rooted in innovation, tradition, and creativity. I’m committed to bolstering the growth of these thriving industries - such as film production, information technology, alternative energy, Eco-tourism - to revive our local economy, which is devastated by outsourced labor. Our tax-paying money needs to be prioritized in Raleigh.

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It’s time for politics to reflect the needs of our community again. Burke County - and all of Western North Carolina - deserves sound policy over partisan politics. I believe that the people of North Carolina are our greatest special interest - not corporations. As a father, teacher, community advocate, and volunteer, I’m committed to the people I engage with, every day.

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