Let's Be Like Louisiana: Medicaid Expansion Cuts Uninsured Rate in Half

A new report today shows that Medicaid expansion in Louisiana has reduced the number of people who are uninsured down to less half than what it was in 2015. Furthermore, those that are insured are receiving better health insurance coverage than what was accessible before. All results are from the 2017 Louisiana Health Insurance Survey.

The Louisiana Governor commented that: 

“Through Medicaid expansion, we are bringing our federal tax dollars back to Louisiana to save lives and improve health outcomes for the working poor people of our state,” said Gov. John Bel Edwards. “Not only are we saving hundreds of millions of dollars and creating thousands of jobs because of expansion, we are also saving lives by having more people insured.”

The facts are simple: Medicaid expansion solves the matter that we know all too well in North Carolina. Health care feels like a privilege, unattainable by too many because they fall into a very wide coverage gap. Health care should not be a privilege – it's a human right that we deserve access to. 

 Credit: The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Credit: The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation

Our Governor understands the value of Medicaid expansion and the dire circumstances we face as North Carolinians, especially with the opioid epidemic taking a deathly hold of us. We need to expand coverage, but the Supermajority in Raleigh refuses to let this happen. 

Why can't we be like Louisiana and provide our working class people with the coverage that they deserve? 

It's time for change in North Carolina. Your vote is your voice: vote in November for better representation in Raleigh. We must Break the Supermajority. Our lives literally depend on it. 

Your contribution today will help us get Tim to Raleigh in November to enable better representation for Burke County and Western North Carolina at large. Will you chip in today?