Morganton Responds: Legalizing Cannabis in North Carolina?

The Morganton Herald confirmed this morning what we already know is general consensus in Western North Carolina: it's time that we talk about cannabis and making it available in our state.

News Herald reporters interviewed residents around downtown Morganton - Habitat for Humanity ReStore, Tractor Supply, Ingles and Walmart - last week to see how they feel about cannabis. There was certainly a favorable consensus amongst responses.

This comes as no surprise given the overwhelming popularity of cannabis in North Carolina despite political party affiliation.

The state legislature, which is currently Republican controlled, has not acted on bills that have been introduced in the General Assembly. North Carolina legislators earlier this year introduced bills to decriminalize the use of about 4 ounces of marijuana and legalize medical marijuana. The bills were sent to committees and not addressed during the last legislative session.
— Morganton News Herald

According to poll done by Elon University80% of North Carolinians support legalizing cannabis for medical use. 83% of voters identifying as Democrats and independents supported legalization, with Republicans not far behind, at 73% support legalization. The percentages are far lower for recreational use – 45% overall approve.

In a state where we don't have Medicaid expansion and are facing an extremely dire opioid crisis, it's time that we joined many other states nationwide who have legalized medical cannabis. This should be our priority, and one that's immediate.

Check out more in this recent blog about Medicaid expansion, the opioid crisis, and the importance of medical cannabis in North Carolina. 

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